Keller-Permits Customer Testimonials

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Fast turnaround, knowledgeable staff, they really know how to get things done quickly. It has allowed us to move certain loads, namely oversize/overweight that we would otherwise not have even attempted due to the operational difficulties of securing permits for several states.right quote

Sergio, Operations Manager, Tili Logistics Corp.

Excellent customer service, efficient handling of permits, easily accessible on-line ordering…It makes my job easier in obtaining permits for oversize/overweight transportation in other states.right quote

Theresa, Office Manager, White Line Construction, LLC

Easy to reach, fast service, competitive pricing… J. J. Keller has kept me out of regulatory issues and keeps our organization compliant with DOT and FMCSA requirements.right quote

Robert, President, ARC Logistics of Utah, LLC

When we needed permits, J. J. Keller supplied them quickly and easily. They are easy to receive and forward electronically. When we get stopped for a check, the permits are correct and clear.right quote

Tom, Engineer, Roberts Communications Network

The permit people took care of everything and I received them within an hour, they even alerted me when it was time to receive the HUT permit in New York (which was very helpful). All in all, your team was extremely polite and helpful. They cut my time and I feel confident it was done correctly.right quote

Kim, Office Manager, Icon Presentations, Inc.

I can call J. J. Keller while I'm on the road and they're always friendly and very helpful. I get my permits emailed to me immediately and can commit to on-time deliveries to our customers.right quote

Linda, Owner, Hot Shot Buz

We are experts in vehicle compliance. Save time and let our compliance team help you process and manage your data. J. J. Keller can help you with IFTA Reporting, vehicle titling and registration, IRP, UCR and other state requirements beyond temporary permits.