Industries Served

Getting to your destination quickly and safely is your main concern whether you haul construction equipment, mobile homes, farm equipment or other types of cargo. The last thing you want to worry about is having the correct permits for your trucks. Let us take on the management and coordination of permitting your trucks legally, so you won't have trucks stalled en route for non-compliance.

Some of the more common industries and customer types we serve include:

  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Electric Power
  • Equipment Rental
  • Oil and Gas
  • Farm Equipment
  • Boat Haulers
  • Mobile Home Haulers
  • Motor Coach
  • Sealed Containers/Containerized Freight
  • Owner Operators
  • For Hire Carriers

The Keller-Permits® service offers a full range of temporary permits including oversize/overweight (over dimensional), trip, fuel, mileage, and highway use tax (HUT). Our experts specialize in multi-state movements – one call to us takes care of all the states in your route. Your routes will be reviewed closely to identify any issues upfront, and we call states as needed to stay in front of anything that would prevent you from getting your permit.

Contact us today for 24/7 live help at 800-231-5266.

About J. J. Keller


J. J. Keller & Associates provides products and services to over 300,000 companies with transportation operations around the world. Established in 1953, we have always focused on transportation solutions to help companies manage the complexities of government compliance.