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Many states have issued suspension of requirements due to emergency relief efforts.  Due the frequent changes, please contact our Permit Advisers to discuss how your route may be impacted.  


Holiday Road Restrictions 

May 2020 - Memorial Day 2020 will be celebrated on Monday, May 25th which could cause travel restrictions. The chart below details state office availability and any road restrictions.  This information is subject to change. Please contact our office with any immediate questions at 800-231-5266.  

Download Holiday Restrictions 

February 2020 - A number of states will have road restrictions during the 2020 President's Day (February 17th, 2020). 

January 2020 - Holiday road restrictions will impact travel on January 20th. 

December 2019 - Holiday road restrictions will impact travel December 31, 2019 - January 2, 2020. 

This is a guideline - travel times may vary and jurisdications can change as the holiday approaches.