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Motor Carrier Permits from J. J.  Keller & Associates, Inc.

We make ordering your temporary permits easier so your trucks can get on the road faster. Our state-direct agreements speed up the process and keep turnaround times fast. In fact, during standard business hours you can get your fuel or trip permit in about an hour and your oversize/overweight permit in about three hours. 

Our trip permit advisers are available 24/7 to assist you. Make one call to J. J. Keller to keep your trucks and trips in compliance!


Get state-specific permitting assistance for wherever your deliveries need to go. After all, the last thing you want is

to worry about whether you have the correct DOT permits for your trucks. Trip routing assistance is available to expedite your trip request process. 


With us, it’s taken care of.


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The J. J. Keller® Permit Service gives you faster, easier online ordering for all of your motor carrier permits. 


Our new permit ordering wizard will walk you step by step through your order, making it simple and clear what information is needed to get the right permit for your trip. And once you have an account with us, we’ll save the details of all your orders making your next order even quicker.


Trust the regulatory experts at J. J. Keller experts to ensure that you’re in compliance with federal, state and provincial permitting regulations!


Expedite your order by having all of your information ready. Download your ordering checklist for Trip, Fuel and Overdimensional.


Start your order now and we’ll process your permit within minutes. Or call to speak to our expert staff of over 40 agents. They’re available 24/7 —  including nights, weekends and holidays.



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The J. J. Keller® Permit Service makes trip permits easier to order and faster to get, with 24/7 expert service and our online permit wizard tool. Order now!