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We make ordering your permits easier so your trucks can get on the road faster. Our state-direct agreements speed up the process and keep turnaround times fast. In fact, during standard business hours you can get your fuel or trip permit in about an hour and your oversize/overweight permit in about three hours.

And because we’re the specialists in transportation compliance since 1953, our in-house team knows how to save you time and ensure you get the proper permits to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Please try clearing your cache. This should fix the problem. If it doesn't, please reach out to one of our team members at 800-231-5266. Thank you for your order! 

We’re always happy to give you a free quote for any job you need. We offer a number of ways to contact us, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It depends on the type of permit and the state you’re traveling through. Fortunately, we can give you a quick quote for whatever permit you need. And because we provide quick, easy service for your entire route, our service is always an exceptional value!

Yes, this is the same fast, reliable service that fleets like yours have depended on for years as the Keller-Permits® Service. Now we have a new name and an even more user-friendly website thanks to our new permit wizard tool. Just point, click, and get your permit! Have a question? Our experts are available 24/7 to help you get the right permit, right away.

Permit Ordering Checklists

Trip Permit Ordering Checklist

Fuel Permit Ordering Checklist

OSOW Permit Ordering Checklist