J. J. Keller corporate office in Neenah, WI.


Fleets of all sizes trust J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. to provide the tools and expert information they need to create safe, productive and compliant workplaces. At the heart of our company is a commitment to help ensure safety and compliance at companies like yours.

J. J. Keller® Permit Service is Here to Serve YOU!

  • 24/7 assistance so you can request permits whenever you need them — the same great service provided by our Keller-Permits® service!
  • Expert staff of over 40 agents you can rely on to ensure you’re operating legally
  • Route auditing to verify that your routes are legal and problem-free
  • Stored vehicle information and permit history making reordering fast and simple
  • State-direct agreements that speed up the paperwork process for faster turnaround times
  • Volume pricing to make it even more affordable to request multiple permits
  • One-stop convenience for all your fuel tax, licensing and trucking authority needs
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