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With Keller-Permits® service you can:

  • Save time and focus more on your business
  • Optimize your freight by getting the most out of your drivers and vehicles
  • Gain peace of mind by leaving the compliance burden to us
  • Ensure more on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction

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Over 24,000 fleets rely on J. J. Keller to make permitting easy.

What our customers say …

Fast turnaround, knowledgeable staff, they really know how to get things done quickly. It has allowed us to move certain loads, namely oversize/overweight that we would otherwise not have even attempted due to the operational difficulties of securing permits for several states.right quote

Sergio, Operations Manager, Tili Logistics Corp.

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Why J. J. Keller?

Whether you're a private, for-hire, or specialized carrier with these vehicles, you'll need a permit. And our time-saving and easy online service can get it to you fast.

  • Keller-Permits® specialists are available 24/7 to assist you with obtaining the permits you need.
  • Your vehicle information and permit order history are securely stored in our systems, so re-ordering is fast and easy.
  • We audit all submitted routes and contact individual states to ensure that your routes are legal and trouble-free.
  • You will benefit from our specialized knowledge of multi-state movements.

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