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The legal limits for a vehicle’s size and weight are 80,000 pounds, 53’ long, 13½’ high and 8½’ wide. If your vehicle exceeds those numbers, it’s likely overweight or hauling an oversize load. But because the regulations aren’t the same in every state, your best bet is to call and let us help. We’ll get the oversize permit you need in just an hour or two.

Order South Dakota Oversize and Overweight Permits Now

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Practical Tips for Managing Load Distribution

To help you manage load distribution and vehicle weight you need to know a few key items about your vehicle and its load. Make sure you take into condsideration:

  • The empty weight of the vehicle. 
  • The weight of the load. Usually, the load weight is on the paperwork. Vehicle weight and load weight gives you an idea of gross vehicle weight.
  • The amount of weight your equipment can handle. Some trailers have triaxle sets or split tandems that can handle more weight. Understanding how to arrange the trailer axles can be key to proper weight distribution. 
  • Load configuration. Given the weight of your vehicle, the load, and the amount of weight the equipment can handle, you must have a plan to configure your load. 
  • State axle requirements. Axle requirements can vary. Check each state's requirements when planning your route.

Using the above information, you can better understand whether your vehicle and load meet the size and weight requirements. 

Order South Dakota Oversize and Overweight Permits Now

Trip Route Assistance 

Overdimensional permits are route specific. If you choose the wrong route, you risk being placed out of service, or worse not fitting! 

J. J. Keller® Trip Advisors can assist with planning the best route for your truck. We will determine the shortest distance and/or trip with the fastest permit delivery. Let our experts save you time by planning your oversize load route. 

Our team can assist when secondary permits such as county, city or town permits should also be obtained. 

Does Your Oversize/Overweight Load Require a Local Permit? 

Avoid unnecessary fines and let us find out for you!

Let our research specialists do the work of finding out if a city or a county on your route requires a permit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a vehicle is oversize or overweight, a temporary permit is needed. This permit authorizes movement according to vehicle configurations and weight.

A permit may be needed if any of these apply:

  • Overall height exceeds 13′6″
  • Overall width exceeds 8′6″
  • Trailer length exceeds 53′
  • Overall weight exceeds 80,000 pounds

You’ll need:

  • USDOT number/Federal ID number
  • Unit number
  • Vehicle info (year, make & model)
  • Serial number
  • License plate number and state
  • Type (Flatbed, lowboy, drop deck, etc.)
  • Number of axles
  • Trailer length
  • Load description
  • Number of pieces and how they are loaded
  • Load Dimensions (length, width, height and weight)
  • Overall width (trailer or load – whichever is wider)
  • Overall height (from ground to top of load)
  • Overall length (truck + trailer and/or load – whichever is longer)
  • Overall weight (truck + trailer + load)
  • Individual axle weight when loaded (truck + trailer)
  • Individual axle spacings (truck + trailer)
  • Exact origin (address or junction, city & state)
  • Exact destination (address or junction, city & state)
  • Complete routes, including city streets, separated by state

Note that some states may ask for additional information.  Download our Oversize ordering checklist here.

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